7 Ways to Use Programmatic Screenshots to Drive Business Results

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7 Ways to Use Programmatic Screenshots to Drive Business Results

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. And it’s true. If you want to improve your business, generate more revenue, and serve customers better, you should know what’s happening behind the scenes. If you don’t, how else are you supposed to know where you can improve?

The thing is, knowing everything you need to know can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, using programmatic screenshots can be helpful. In this post, we’ll look at 7 ways you can use programmatic screenshots to drive business results. 

Manage Customer Satisfaction with Programmatic Screenshots

One of the best ways to generate more sales and revenue is to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. In turn, to achieve this, you’ll need to deliver stellar customer experiences. 

Luckily, using programmatic screenshots can help you do this in several ways:

  • For example, you can use programmatic screenshots to capture moments in time as your customers or prospects use your website. 
  • This will allow you to identify any pain points or friction in the user experience. 
  • And when you identify these issues, you can implement the necessary measures to eliminate them and improve the customer journey.

Also, you can use programmatic screenshots to capture customer feedback from review sites and social media platforms. These screenshots will give valuable insights into your customers’ opinions and how they really feel about your brand or products. From there, you can then identify areas for improvement. 

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Improving Website Performance

One of the most important aspects influencing your customer journey is your website’s performance. Simply put, if you’d like to keep your customer happy, your website should be fast and performant. (Almost half of the consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.) 

Luckily, you can track your website’s loading speed over time by using programmatic screenshots. When you do, you’ll spot and sort out any issues far earlier. 

Also, because you’ll track your site’s performance over time, you’ll see how any changes you make impact performance. 

Testing and Troubleshooting

An essential part of keeping your website fast, performant, and reliable is by implementing regular and consistent testing. Here, programmatic screenshots can also be an invaluable tool. 

For instance, you can automatically take screenshots of your website to spot and track any errors or bugs in your website’s code. This allows you to spot any issues a lot quicker and fix your code before it leads to more damage. 

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Another option is to use programmatic screenshots as part of your automated testing. Here, you’ll take automated screenshots when you run your test cases to validate your code changes during both development and deployment. 

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Competitor Analysis

To run a successful business, you not only need to have a handle on what you and your team are doing, but you’ll also need to know what your competitors are doing

When you do, you’ll know how: 

  • They market their products
  • Their websites look
  • They engage with their customers on social media
  • They price their products

For example, Tjommi is one of our customers that helps its users get cash back if a product’s price drops after they’ve purchased it. To do this, it uses programmatic screenshots to monitor a massive range of product prices.

Keyword Tracking and Management with Programmatic Screenshots

You can have the best customer experience and products, but you won’t sell much if customers don’t know about them. This is where your marketing strategy comes in. And a significant component of this strategy is SEO and paid advertising. 

Programmatic screenshots can help you manage these efforts more effectively and efficiently. 

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization
Source: Oberlo

For example, you can use screenshots to see and track your website’s SERP performance. This shows you how your web pages and content rank for specific keywords. You can also learn how optimizing your content impacts these results. 

Likewise, you can also track and test ad placements on your website to ensure the best results.  

Social Media Management

Nowadays, another important component of your marketing strategy is social media marketing. The thing is, with all the social media platforms available out there, managing your business’s social media presence can become challenging. Fortunately, programmatic screenshots can help you make this process more efficient. 

For example, by using screenshots, you can: 

  • Monitor all your business’s social media accounts
  • Check for mentions
  • Track comments and other engagements

You can also archive your social media posts, whether for compliance, safekeeping, or repurposing.

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Monitor Website Compliance

We’ve now dealt with customer satisfaction, marketing, and competitor analysis as components of your business’s success. Another vital part of your success is your brand. It demonstrates your mission, values, and the quality your customers can expect from your product. 

To maintain your brand, ensure that the language and tone you use on your website and your messaging stay consistent with your brand. 

You should also maintain brand consistency across your website and external, third-party websites. Programmatic website screenshots can help!

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Source: TechRepublic

Data Collection and Analysis

Finally, you can use programmatic screenshots as a general data collection and analysis tool. For example, you can scrape websites, extract the text or data you require, and then analyze and visualize the data with a tool or a simple spreadsheet automation API like

This allows you to spot and track trends over time, which, in turn, helps you implement strategies that improve your business processes.

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Take Your Business to New Heights With ScreenshotAPI

Now you know how to use programmatic screenshots to see what’s happening behind the scenes in your business. As such, you’ll see what you’re doing well, where you can improve, and, more importantly, what you should do to take your business to new heights. 

All there’s left to do? Log in or sign up for your ScreenshotAPI account to unlock the full power of programmatic screenshots.