How to Save Periodic Screenshots of a Website to Google Drive

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Andrew Pierno
How to Save Periodic Screenshots of a Website to Google Drive

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use and ScreenshotAPI to take periodic screenshots of any website and save them to Google Drive.

Step 1

Go to and create a new scenario by clicking on the ‘Create a new scenario’ button.

how to create a new scenario on to automate periodic website screenshots

Step 2

Click on the ‘+’ icon and search for the HTTP module. 

Click on ‘Make a Request.’

We’ll use it to make a GET request to the ScreenshotAPI API endpoint.

how to create a GET request on to take periodic website screenshots and save them to google drive

Step 3

Open a new tab and go to Create a free account. 

Once you’re in, go to ‘Query Builder.’ 

Paste the URL of the website that you’d like to capture:

  • Specify browser width and browser height. 
  • Feel free to tweak a plethora of advanced options (from blocking ads to using cookies or even injecting some HTML.) 

You’ll see the text inside ‘Your API query’ changing as you make changes to the options.

how to take periodic screenshots of a website and save them to google drive with screenshotapi

Step 4

Paste the copied text into the URL text field in and click ‘OK.’ 

This step will trigger an HTTP call to ScreenshotAPI. 

ScreenshotAPI will take a screenshot of the page and return the image.

how to trigger an API call to screenshotapi from

Step 5

Time to add the Google Drive module! 

Click on “Add another module” or the ‘+’ icon on the bottom right of the screen. 

Search for ‘Google Drive’ and click on it. 

Next, search for ‘Upload a file’ and click on it.

how to add google drive to to save periodic screenshots

Step 6

Let’s connect the Google Drive now by allowing to access your Google Drive. 

Click on Add. Give the connection a name or leave it as is and hit Save. 

Select the correct Google account and approve the required permissions.

how to connect google drive to

Step 7

Select the folder you’d like to save the generated screenshots to. 

Give a name to your file, or use UUID for it to assign a unique name to the file on every run.

how to integrate with google drive

Step 8

The workflow is complete! 

We now need to test if everything went as expected. 

Click on ‘Run Once’ to run this scenario.

If everything looks good and green, go to Google Drive and open the folder you selected in the previous step. Check if you’re able to find the desired screenshot.

how to test a workflow on

Step 9

We now need to schedule this workflow as per our requirements. 

Click on ‘Every 15 minutes’ in the bottom tray to open the schedule settings. 

Configure the appropriate schedule by setting the desired values. Hit ‘OK.’

how to schedule periodic screenshots of a website with and screenshotapi

Taking Periodic Screenshots Is Simple!

And there you have it - you’ve just scheduled periodic screenshots with a bit of help from Make, ScreenshotAPI, and Google Drive. 

Whether you plan to use them to monitor website compliance or competitor pricing like some of our customers or simply automate more of your IT tasks, you now have a simple formula that saves a lot of time!

Ready to get started? Try ScreenshotAPI for free!