How to Archive Your Social Media Posts

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Andrew Pierno
How to Archive Your Social Media Posts

No matter if you want to stay on top of all your social media comms, have a record of your business’s activity for compliance, or keep an eye on your competitors, you’ll need to know how to archive your social media posts

Fortunately, we’ve been there, done that, and we’re ready to show you how to make archiving a piece of cake!

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First - Can You Archive Posts with the Social Media Platform? 

The first option to archive your social media posts is to use the social media platform itself. Fortunately, most social media platforms provide tools that allow you to do this. 

For example, on Facebook, you can log into your account, go to your settings, find Your Facebook Information, and download your entire history.

On Instagram, the process is similar. Here, you’ll log in, find the Download data option in your settings, enter your email address, and a copy of your Instagram data will be sent to you. 

Instagram even gives you the option of archiving only certain photos in your feed; however, you’ll need to go through your feed manually to find the photos you’d like to archive. 

Keep in mind, though, that these are just two examples, and different platforms will provide different options for archiving your posts. 

Use Social Media Archiving Tools

Another option to archive your social media posts is to use a dedicated social media archiving tool. These tools are specifically designed to capture and archive tools from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others, so you don’t have to check if your platform supports archiving.

A few of the tools we’ve loved using to archive social media posts include: 

  • ArchiveSocial. ArchiveSocial is a cloud-based platform that allows you to capture and archive social media posts instantly. 
  • Smarsh. Like ArchiveSocial, Smarsh is also a cloud-based platform that you can use to archive social media posts. However, in addition to this feature, it also offers other communications capture and archiving solutions. 
  • PageFreezer. PageFreezer offers an entire suite of tools to capture communications, including social media archiving. 
  • Intradyn. Like PageFreezer, Intradyn offers a suite of tools that allow you to not only archive social media posts, but also text messages, emails, and more.

The problem with these tools is that they’re typically aimed at organizations that use social media archiving for legal and regulatory purposes. As such, they’re quite expensive. 

Low-Cost Option for Archiving Your Social Media Tools: Take Screenshots

Finally, another option to archive your social media posts is to use screenshots. Now, we don’t mean doing it manually with your Mac or PC applications. (You’d need to open every post or scroll down on your feed in increments to take screenshots.)

No - what we mean is using ScreenshotAPI.

ScreenshotAPI specializes in taking website screenshots quickly, easily, and programmatically

Take screenshots to archive social media posts with ScreenshotAPI
Set a timer and get screenshots of your social media every day!

You can take full-page screenshots, screenshots at a specific time every day, and you can even extract the text from screenshots. As a bonus, you can also save your screenshots in the format you prefer, from PDFs to JPGs and PNGs. 

Simply put, ScreenshotAPI is the tool you need to archive your social media posts. To test it out for yourself, why not get started for free today?