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We built ScreenshotAPI to handle every use-case and special requirement you could think of. Whether it's a PDF, WebP, JPG, or PNG, get the exact screenshot you need.


Built to scale from 1-∞. We can support 1,000,000+ screenshots a month without breaking a sweat. Let us worry about scale, monitoring, and quality.

Apple Full-Screen Screenshot

Full-Page, PDF, WebP, JPG, PNG Screenshots & More!

Use ScreenshotAPI to capture full-page screenshots of any website. Parallax, lazy loading, scroll to view, you name it, we got you.

Choose between a variety of output formats including WebP, JPG, PNG, and PDF! You can receive the file directly from the API or return JSON.

HD Retina Quality

ScreenshotAPI is built to handle the most robust requirements. Easily handle device pixel ratios of @2x and @3x!

Space X Screenshot Example
Space X Screenshot Example

Videos, Web Fonts, and More!

Effortlessly handle HTML5 videos, Single Page Apps, Web Fonts, to name a few features. Get 1-1 screenshots with leading browsers and ensure you take the perfect shot every time.

Web Fonts + Multilingual

Lazy Loading + Delays

Retina Output

Custom HTML + CSS

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Our carefully engineered render engine creates stunning screenshots. Enjoy a best-in-class screenshot rendering experience with these and many more features!

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